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9 Joyful Ways to Ring in Spring

Whether you're observing spring equinox, celebrating the pagan holiday of Ostara, or another event entirely, March 20th and the days surrounding it are an invitation to reconnect with Mother Earth. Many of us have traditions around the winter holidays, but do you take the time to celebrate the arrival of spring? Enjoy these 9 ways to joyfully celebrate the rebalancing of daylight and nighttime and the fresh perspective spring has to offer!

1) Spring Cleaning

One's mind may not immediately jump to "joyful" when thinking of cleaning... but there is something invigorating about that first spring deep clean of your space. Throwing open the windows and letting that fresh air in rids us of the stagnancy brought about by being cooped up throughout the winter (if you're in a climate of colder winter weather, that is). Get out the citrus and floral essential oils, dust and wipe down the areas often forgotten during a quick tidy-up, and awaken the energy within your home. By preparing our space accordingly, we can set ourselves up to grow into who we wish to become which also requires us to...

2) Release What No Longer Serves You

Give gratitude to and then say goodbye to that which is no longer supporting your highest good. Get rid of the clutter, donate or throw away rarely used items, and assess how your relationships contribute to your overall sense of wellness. While it can be challenging to do so at times, releasing our grasp on the relationships that are not encouraging our growth or uplifting our soul can create space for exactly who is meant to. If you're to call something new into your life (a new job, relationship, friendship, opportunity, financial abundance, etc.), you must first make room for it to come into being.

3) Plant Seeds

Welcome spring by planting seeds that will become a part of your or a loved one's garden. The act of doing so connects us with the energy of spring and new life. It also encourages us as the last of the cooler weather recedes after a long winter. Caring for these plant babies is uplifting and you'll enjoy the fruits of your labor all summer long. Just like the seed, you can prepare to emerge through darker times into the light and warmth that is to come!

4) Journal Your Vision

Take some time to meditate and envision what new life is entering yours this spring. What are you here to create, build, share, and become? How does this integrate with your life currently and what do you need to change in order to support this in becoming your reality? Journal out the answer to these questions or create a vision board you see regularly with words and images that represent this.

5) Refresh Your Wardrobe

Release yourself from the weight of any clothing that no longer suits you. Donate the items that don't fit you well, are worn out, or simply don't bring you joy or comfort to put on your body. Pack away the out-of-season items you still wish to keep. Refresh your closet and drawers by cleaning them out completely and intentionally place them back in with gratitude and organization.

6) Minimalize and Simplify

Consider the lifestyle you'd like to birth into being. Does the amount of physical belongings support this lifestyle? If so, great... keep being mindful about the objects you hold onto and keep near. If (like myself) you often feel bogged down by the pile of clutter to sort or the items that are rarely used, it is time to release yourself from their hold. Think of how much more free time you'll have when you have less things to clean and how much easier your time will be to manage when your schedule is simplified into what matters most to you.

7) Create Something New

Spring equinox is the perfect time to begin that project you've been thinking about all winter, or the home project or craft you felt like doing on a whim. Pick up that form of artistry you've allowed to lay dormant within. Begin a new habit your body, mind, and/or spirit has been aching to bring into your routine. Don't wait, follow the flow of energy and you might be surprised where it takes you!

8) Throw a Celebration

Create a new tradition of welcoming in spring with your family and friends. Prepare a fun feast or have a potluck. Reignite the feeling of togetherness around a fire after our mammal selves spent the winter being less social. Invite the children to lead with their ideas of projects or games. Celebrate the end of cold and darkness and the increased light and warmth of new spring life.

9) Reconnect With Mother Nature

Use the spring equinox to reconnect with the beautiful land you live upon and all of her living things. Notice the tiniest of green shoots beginning to emerge from the ground, and the little buds on your trees and bushes that will soon open into lush foliage. Listen to the songbirds returning to grace us with their presence and enjoy the increased activity of squirrels, rabbits, and other wildlife surrounding you. If you really want to connect deeply with the exciting energy of spring, bring a young child with you and soak in the pure enjoyment of their discoveries!

Remember that we are a part of something bigger... a thread within this divinely woven tapestry of life. Celebrate the arrival of spring, and the vibrancy of your life reawakening to all the goodness you're growing!



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