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Heal & Rise Women's Retreat

For Empaths, Healers, Nurturers & Spiritual Guides
November 4-6th in Galena, Illinois

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Spend a weekend relaxing your body, clearing your mind, and listening to your

soul speak.

You're not awakening to your gifts and true potential at this time for no reason. There is a shift happening in our world. We're finally coming home to what living peacefully in our power could look like, a rebalancing between the feminine and masculine energies and living as one with our environment around us. The days of high pressure 9-5 grind and working for the weekend are making way for a greater ease and flow, honoring those leading this expansion of consciousness... the healers and spiritual intuitives.

Enjoy the last of those cozy fall colors as you soak in the countryside view overlooking a vineyard in this renovated, historic home. By removing yourself from the day-to-day chaos, you will reconnect with your sense of inner peace and create space for heightened self-awareness. Though there will be plenty of time for peaceful quiet, community with strong, kind-hearted women has never been more important. With a small group of eight we are able to enjoy the supportive camaraderie of one another as you find clarity on this

healing journey.


Less scheduled events, means more time for you to enjoy your weekend as YOU decide. Options include:

Meditation & Stretch

Begin each morning and end each evening with a gentle guided meditation outdoors (weather permitting) to quiet your mind, stretch and relax your body, and bring peace to your soul.

Enjoy a Peaceful Hike

Explore the countryside & scenic trails of the Galena area, taking in views of the Mississippi and slowing down to notice the beautiful colors of fall.

Clean Meals & Snacks

Enjoy three clean meals (will modify to fit your dietary needs, simply communicate them with Ashley) and a buffet of snacks and drinks that will energize and fulfill your body.

Spiritual Healing Guidance & Group Sound Bath 

Schedule a conversation with Ashley to discuss where you're currently at, how you can live well and further your soul gifts, and receive support in getting there. Allow yourself to receive, as we gather for a group energy healing and relaxing sound bath.

Explore Historic Downtown

Allow the unique charm of Galena's historic district to inspire your creativity. From local artisans and little shops (crystals at Earth's Treasures & used books at A Peace of the Past being two of my favorite stops), to delicious restaurants, there is something for everyone.

Evening Fires

Relax in open conversation and laughter as we share in evening fires and women's circles. Cozy up with a Cacao Ceremony and celebrate togetherness.

Our Guest

Enjoy the energy and offerings of Collette Ellison, local sound healer and Reiki master. She will be providing a group sound bath to further support your healing and relaxation, as well as guiding drumming during our women's circle around the fire.


Reflections from Ashley's Last Retreat

Ashley's spiritual guidance and loving energy is so inviting and welcoming, that gives me the ability and confidence and comfort on my journey to my best self. 

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