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I'm a holistic wellness educator, professional weaver of words, energy healer, and somatic therapist. I'm also a plant-crazy, tea-drinking, folksy-singing, dance and yoga-loving mom of two and wife to a car guy/fisherman... and grateful to balance these many aspects of life that I love.


In fact, identifying energetic imbalance and helping you heal your way back to YOUR balance is my genius zone.

If you're seeking to achieve balance of mind, body, and spirit, balance of the different aspects of your wellness, or balance of the many roles you play within this life...




Join us on the transformative path of rebalancing your life and unlocking your true potential.

You're in the right place.

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"Ashley is wonderful to work with! She brings positive energy to her content and provides insightful, well-written pieces. She is punctual, meets deadlines, and is quick to communicate. I highly recommend working with her!"

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Genevieve Kane, Owner of Written and Creative Content LLC

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