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The Patriot

As we journey into July together and Independence day celebrations begin, I invite you to consider this poem and the true meaning of patriotism. Let's release the showmanship and focus our attention on loving and caring for our brothers and sisters of all kinds.

A lone man emerged from his cabin in the woods

Gentle and kind his soul

Heart filled to the brim with love of this land

In his yard though, you'll find no flag pole

His neighbor came barreling down the road

Blasting music heard a mile away

He paused to roll down his window and yell,

"Dont'cha know, it's Independence day!?"

To the quiet gentlemen now tending his garden

Pulling weeds and watering fruitful ground

Much to his bold neighbors dismay, on his body

No red, white or blue could be found

The neighbor opened his door and got out of his truck

With him rolled an empty beer can

He sauntered over, chest puffed to assert

"Gardening? A woman's work, not fit for a man."

The gentleman didn't pause his hands

Gently smiling and lifting his head

He wished his neighbor well and continued on

Not taking to heart what he said

The neighbor ambled back to his truck

Two large flags flying in the wind

He didn't bother to pick up his can

Rushing off to light fireworks 'round the bend

The gentlemen carried on as he was

It was a large garden with much work to do

Woodland animals nearby soon joined him in peace

The exploding fireworks scaring birds as they flew

He opened his home and shed to shelter them

Took deep breaths as he heard the loud boom

The first of many fireworks to go off that night

A sound for him, triggered feelings of doom

He paused and gave thanks for his safety

Praying for peace within and beyond this country

For he knew of too many who suffered

Too many fearful, alone, and hungry

Without a parade, nor pomp and circumstance

He quietly tended his food crop

Just as he's done for many years now

With no intention to stop

At harvest, poured his kindness 'round the countryside

Sharing veggies and fruits with those in need

Remembering the sight of children he'd befriended

The ones he didn't have much to feed

Except the small packet of field rations

For he knew they needed him more than he

Snatching the food up with hauntingly grateful eyes

And then, gunfire starting, they did flee

One receiver of this season's nourishing food

The neighbor, his wife, and young child

A boy hungry not just for food

But for his wisdom, compassionate and mild

No, today you won't find stars and stripes on his chest

His home decorated in banner nor bow

For in the love and care he shows his people and land

A truer patriot, one could not know

man bent over to lift his

Original poetry by Ashley Kay Andy

May your Fourth of July Celebrations bring gratitude for the opportunities we have to create positive change within our land. Let these ripples of love extend far beyond the illusion of borders and division.



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