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Heal & Rise Women's Retreat

Refresh your mind, body, and soul in this modern lakeside cottage,
September 9-11th in Minnesota



In your hustle and bustle of taking care of everyone else, it can be easy to feel a bit lost. The world's noise has been overwhelming... and it's time to rest, relax, and replenish. You are deserving of the love and care you provide others!

Spend a weekend uniting your mind, body, and soul in the most peaceful and serene location.

Escape the mundane routine and habit of making your own needs small for a weekend of relaxation at a lakeside lodge... complete with morning meditations, fireside conversations, kayaks, and hot-tubing under the stars! Community with strong, kind-hearted women has never been more important, and with a small group of nine we are able to enjoy the supportive camaraderie of one another as you

rediscover what makes you, YOU!


Less scheduled events, means more time for you to enjoy your weekend as YOU decide. Options include:

Meditation & Stretch

Begin each morning and end each evening with a gentle guided meditation outdoors to quiet your mind, stretch and relax your body, and bring peace to your soul.

Enjoy a Peaceful Walk

Explore the path that begins in the backyard and can take you all the way around the lake or to downtown. Speed walk or meander slowly, take time alone or wander together.

Clean Meals & Snacks

Enjoy three clean meals (will modify to fit your dietary needs, simply communicate them with Ashley) and a buffet of snacks and drinks that will energize and fulfill your body.

Holistic Health Coaching

Schedule a conversation with Ashley to discuss where you're currently at, how you can live well and further your soul gifts, and receive support in getting there.

Relax by the Lake

Take a turn with a book in the hammock, dangle your toes in on the dock, or take the kayaks out for a spin. Let the waters cleanse and refresh your spirit.

Evening Fires

Relax in open conversation and laughter as we share in evening fires and women's circles. Ease into the hot tub to further relax and restore.

Reflections from Ashley's Last Retreat

Ashley's spiritual guidance and loving energy is so inviting and welcoming, that gives me the ability and confidence and comfort on my journey to my best self. 

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