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The Peaceful Empowerment Project


The Peaceful Empowerment Project is a program with the mission of teaching children (and their grown-ups) the tools of meditation, movement, & emotional awareness. We believe that by providing children with these tools, we have the power to change the world through kindness, self-understanding, & empathy! Children are taught the basics of meditation and mindfulness in a developmentally friendly way and enjoy activities such as: breathing techniques, yoga-inspired movement, lessons from nature, mindfulness practice, and uplifting songs. Through the Peaceful Empowerment Project, children are taught to explore their inner workings and understand themselves in a way that empowers their beautiful and unique light that shines from within.

The Peaceful Empowerment Project was developed by Ashley she aimed to provide her own daughter these tools during the height of Covid lockdown. Noticing how many children, parents, and teachers were struggling to navigate big emotions in healthy ways and find inner peace amidst the chaos, she began adapting the meditation and mindfulness tools she’d been guiding adults with to be more accessible for children. Ashley is a certified meditation instructor, master level energy healer, writer, macrame artisan, and women’s retreat facilitator with her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences from USD. She is passionate about helping others heal and rise into all they are here on this earth to be.


The Peaceful Empowerment Project can currently be found at Hugging Tree Nature Preschool. If you would like to inquire about bringing this program into your school or home, send Ashley a detailed message below!

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