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You've discovered that you're an empath, a highly sensitive soul with the gift of a strong intuition and a heart for loving others. You've begun to understand that what you've felt made you "weak" or "different" in the past is actually your sensitivity superpower and you're feeling READY to embrace it fully.


But how?


It's one thing to know you're an empath and identify these abilities as strengths... it's completely another to know what to DO with them and how to live out your purpose fully. This guidebook introduces you to the Seven Empath Archetypes, giving you a framework for deeper understanding into who you are and how you're here to serve the world. It's likely that you'll connect with more than one archetype, as we all don't fit perfectly into little boxes! Learn about those you resonate with personally as well as those that remind you of loved ones with this 20 page guidebook.

The 7 Empath Archetypes- A Heal & Rise Guidebook

SKU: HRG0001
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