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Your Wish: An Eclipse Day Announcement

I know you.

I mean... I may not know your middle name, or your favorite meal. But I know something far more important than either. Deep down within your heart and soul you have a wish.

Breathe with me... and go back in time. All the way back to the feeling of pure joy and hope and love welling in your heart as a child. Maybe the warmth you felt when someone who cherished you held you in their arms. Maybe the way you felt playing outside and discovering the beauty of nature. Maybe how naturally you created art or music movement before anyone intervened. Whatever it is that stirs those feelings... envision it now.

Breathe life into this memory and reawaken it gently. This feeling may be hard to describe, hard to put into words because it's so much more. It's the vibrant colors of a sunset and the smell of warm rain upon the earth. It's a full sensory experience and a moment of presence that makes you take pause. It may even bring you to tears.

This weekend we watched the Disney movie "Wish" together, as our six year old daughter had been excited at the previews alone and couldn't wait for it to be brought to our television for family movie night. As the storyline rose in intensity, I was brought to tears by a single moment.

(minor spoiler alert, shouldn't impact your enjoyment of the movie)

The villain, believed to hold the power of granting wishes had the story's main character in his grasp... punishing her for rising against him. She saw the purity of the wishes he was holding captive and knew the right thing to do. Yes, as often is the case, the right thing to do caused a stir. It disrupted the status quo and caused this villain to encourage the citizens to turn against one another.

So there he was, persecuting her in front of the entire island population. With what little strength she had left she lifted her voice in song to her people. Her quivering voice carried to the people she loved and wanted to see take back their beautiful wishes. My eyes welled up as she could no longer sing and complete her phrase.

Because that's when a friend stepped forward to continue the song. And then another. And another. Together they built upon one weakened voice to empower one another. In doing so, they rose together beyond the grasp of evil darkness (as my eyes leaked abundantly).

Like every character in this movie, I know you have a wish. A pure and beautiful wish within your heart and soul. Perhaps it's as simple as to love and be loved. Maybe you know exactly how you wish to serve the world. Somewhere along the line you were taught to believe you did not hold the power to bring this wish into fruition. Or you were made to believe it was stupid, silly, or impractical. But it's still there.

How do I know? Because I have one too. And here it is.

My wish is for those who need it to find healing. Not just of the physical or even mental... true and lasting healing of the spirit. I wish to see women who've been told they were not enough or too much embrace the beauty of exactly who they are, standing tall in connection with their inner knowing. For children to grow up receiving peaceful care and fostering of their unique strengths. I wish for us to reconnect with the wisdom of the land, living upon it in a way that honors every living thing. To see us remember our ancestors ways of natural healing and wellness of our own bodies and how it coincides with the wellness of our environment. I wish for the limitations, judgmental mentalities, misogyny and greed that too often plagues religion to give way for spiritual unity and love of all.

hand displaying a tulip in bloom, colorful flowers surrounding it

And most of all, I wish to spread this vision of love far and wide. This is why I've been called to create Heal & Rise Movement, a nonprofit foundation empowering positive change through spiritual healing, holistic wellness, and peaceful living. This grassroots foundation is created to serve women and their communities with connection, community, and compassion.

I know I'm not alone. Many of you wish for the same and if that's you... thank you. Let us help this earth and all those on it to Heal and Rise! You'll soon be able to access a new website (currently in creation mode), with classes, fundraising efforts, and resources. If this message speaks to you, please reach out! Let's join our voices to rise together.



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