11 Things I Learned From my Home Birth & What They Could Mean for You

Our home birth experience was nothing short of phenomenal. I learned so much along the journey (you can read about our home birth story here) about myself, women's bodies, and the societal norms of pregnancy and childbirth. Here are 11 of these lessons:

1) We hold more power within than we can even imagine.

Women's bodies are powerful. We can withstand extreme levels of pain and pressure for extended periods of time and grow an entire human within... then proceed to keep it alive from the food we make from this same body! I mean, how superhero-ish is that?! Yet our body is only one third of the triad that holds such incredible power. The power of our mind and spirit is even greater. At the very end of my long labor my body could have easily given up. It was showing many signs of doing just that. The fact that I'd built a mental toughness and strength of spirit to embody made it possible to continue on.

Your power as a woman is not tied to your physical abilities, nor your status or wealth. It is determined by your belief in yourself and living this belief fully in body, mind, and spirit. We can do so much more than we often limit ourselves to, and reconnecting to this power that flows through us from a Divine source is life changing.

2) Trust is essential.

So much of this journey was about trust. Trust in myself and these "unconventional" decisions I was guided to make. Trust in my own body and my connection with it. My husband trusting that while he had plenty of reservations, this was what his wife knew she needed. Trusting my close friends and family to keep any negative thoughts or energy they may have surrounding this decision to themselves. Trust in my baby, that he was growing well and would dance with me through this labor and delivery experience. Trust in my knowledgeable midwives, that they would support my vision while providing the kindest and most professional care possible.

Do you feel you hold trust in your life? Being able to trust yourself and those closest to you is essential in feeling safe and secure in your environment. And feeling safe and secure within your environment leads to the fullest expression of yourself and your capabilities.

3) Your intuition is the most qualified medical professional you know.

While medical professionals can be incredibly wise and knowledgeable individuals who care deeply about your health and well-being, they are also human. They will have moments where they may miss something, gaps in their own knowledge base, and days where they're just tired and off... perhaps from being up all night with their own kiddos! Much like the "white coat syndrome" can cause some people's blood pressure to be higher simply because they're at the doctor's office, there is another white coat phenomenon that often occurs. There is this understanding that if the individual in the white coat said it, it must be truth. This is why there are stories upon stories of women especially, going in to be checked out because something feels "not right" only to be told there is nothing wrong or given a generic diagnosis. Then later it is discovered that there truly WAS something off. I'm grateful my intuition kept me in close connection with my