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13 Ways to Empower Your Divine Feminine Energy

Envision a confident, radiant woman walking down the street. Head held high, she has a peaceful smile on her face, sure of her worth and fulfilled by her pursuit of what sparks joy within her heart.

Did you picture yourself? Or feel as though she is a future version of you just around the corner? Perhaps you feel so disconnected from the woman described that she feels more like someone else than anything you can bring into reality…

Friend, let me tell you-

That confident and empowered woman is more like you than you think. We all hold within ourselves a connection with the Divine feminine energy. In order to achieve balance within our life, we also must seek to balance our masculine and feminine energies. Think yin and yang, the sun and the moon… different and unique but two parts of the same whole. Our culture that is still working to rebalance the oppression of the Divine feminine, and it is up to US to be a part of that movement by healing, exploring and standing up fully in our own expression of this beautiful component of Self! So how do we do this?

Here are thirteen ways to empower your Divine feminine energy:

1) Honor your intuition

The feminine side is intuitive. Ever notice how mothers often know things they have no logical way of knowing… or can sense an unsafe situation before given practical clues as to why? This is due to what we often call a “gut feeling”, our intuition speaking. Honor your intuition by following those little nudges. Intentionally ask your intuition what it’s telling you before making a decision and give it gratitude for steering you on the right path when you listen to it’s signals.

2) Move your body joyfully

The energy of femininity is fluid and graceful. Tap into the healing power of movement by dancing in circular motions (think hip and chest circles!) to awaken this energy and express your emotions through moving your body in a way that is fun and playful to YOU.

3) Make time for mindful stillness

Setting aside time for peaceful meditation or prayer honors the introspective and receptive traits of the Divine feminine. Allowing our busy mind chatter to quiet and exploring our own emotions and inner workings is a time for self healing and growth that cannot be reached by continually seeking outside yourself.

4) Practice empathy

The Divine feminine is empathetic, seeking to fully understand the emotions of others. Through deeper understanding we are able to love and serve in a more sincere way, unique to the individual on the other end. Whenever frustrated or annoyed with the behavior of another, seek first to understand what has shaped their behavior and the emotions they may be experiencing.

5) Express yourself creatively

The Divine feminine is not only what births new life into being in a physical sense… it is also responsible for creativity and the flow of new creations! Pick an art form you enjoy and express yourself. Write, dance, paint, design, or have fun with that art project you’ve been thinking about forever and have yet to do.

6) Connect and spend time with your soul tribe

We’ve all heard that it takes a village to raise a child, but did you know it also takes one to support the mama of that child? Reflect upon the connections you’ve built and whether the people you spend the most time with align with how you want to life your life. Are they mirroring the love, acceptance, and inspiration you are putting our into the world or is their presence full of complaints, judgement and negativity? Do you feel supported and uplifted after spending time together or drained and emotionally exhausted? If the answer is the latter… first assess the energy YOU are contributing to these relationships and then work to BE the type of person you wish to attract. Raise your vibe and like a magnet you’ll attract your soul tribe!

7) Practice self love

Divine feminine pours out love to others, freely and openly. You are likely already doing so with your family and loved ones… but do you give yourself the same nurturing love you give to others? It isn’t uncommon for women (mamas especially) to serve themselves last. By only giving yourself whatever is leftover- which often isn’t much- you are depleting your ability to serve fully. Only by filling our own cup fully can we allow it to free flow over to those around us.

8) Set and enforce clear boundaries

As the giving, nurturing, and tender-hearted energy, it is important to honor those traits by setting boundaries that respect them. Set the standard for how others treat you by the boundaries you set and behaviors you allow in your life.

9) Remember that your pleasure matters

In both a G and R rated sense… your pleasure matters! Explore what makes you feel good in life and between the sheets and do more of it! By welcoming more pure bliss and pleasure into your existence you will boost your self-confidence, immune system, and sense of self-worth.

10) Consume mindfully

Remember that what you consume affects your energy. Does what you’re eating fuel your body lovingly and support wellness? Is the media you choose to consume filled with uplifting messages of self love and acceptance or a narrow vision of what femininity looks like? Are shows and movies balanced energetically or do they have an underlying message that is disempowering or disrespectful to the Divine feminine?

11) Allow yourself to be vulnerable

Vulnerability takes courage and strength. Taking opportunities to be vulnerable in a way that still respects your boundaries invites a deeper sense of connection, healing, and growth. Taking our walls down to open up to others invites them to do the same… leading to a connection far more valuable.

12) Seek spiritual support

Remember that you are not alone! Seek the spiritual support of ancestors and holy women who’ve come before and learn from their embodiment of the Divine feminine. Not only can we connect and receive support from our spiritual team no longer present in the physical, but we can also receive healing and guidance from connections here in our human form through spiritual healers and teachers.

13) Give gratitude for the Divine masculine

As we focus our attention on connecting with the Divine feminine, it is important to remember that which provides balance to it! Give gratitude for the Divine masculine within us and in our relationships, as this energy of protection, assertiveness, logic, and action is the yang to our yin and the sun to our moon.

Which of these ideas resonates most strongly with you today? Let's hear it below!



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