13 Ways to Empower Your Divine Feminine Energy

Envision a confident, radiant woman walking down the street. Head held high, she has a peaceful smile on her face, sure of her worth and fulfilled by her pursuit of what sparks joy within her heart.

Did you picture yourself? Or feel as though she is a future version of you just around the corner? Perhaps you feel so disconnected from the woman described that she feels more like someone else than anything you can bring into reality…

Friend, let me tell you-

That confident and empowered woman is more like you than you think. We all hold within ourselves a connection with the Divine feminine energy. In order to achieve balance within our life, we also must seek to balance our masculine and feminine energies. Think yin and yang, the sun and the moon… different and unique but two parts of the same whole. Our culture that is still working to rebalance the oppression of the Divine feminine, and it is up to US to be a part of that movement by healing, exploring and standing up fully in our own expression of this beautiful component of Self! So how do we do this?

Here are thirteen ways to empower your Divine feminine energy:

1) Honor your intuition

The feminine side is intuitive. Ever notice how mothers often know things they have no logical way of knowing… or can sense an unsafe situation before given practical clues as to why? This is due to what we often call a “gut feeling”, our intuition speaking. Honor your intuition by following those little nudges. Intentionally ask your intuition what it’s telling you before making a decision and give it gratitude for steering you on the right path when you listen to it’s signals.

2) Move your body joyfully

The energy of femininity is fluid and graceful. Tap into the healing power of movement by dancing in circular motions (think hip and chest circles!) to awaken this energy and express your emotions through moving your body in a way that is fun and playful to YOU.

3) Make time for mindful stillness

Setting aside time for peaceful meditation or prayer honors the introspective and receptive traits of the Divine feminine. Allowing our busy mind chatter to quiet and exploring our own emotions and inner workings is a time for self healing and growth that cannot be reached by continually seeking outside yourself.