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7 Ways to Get Kids Off Their Electronics & Outside More This Spring

Every parent knows it can be a challenge to encourage their children off their electronics in favor of outdoor play... yet when they DO get outside, their joy and creativity blossoms! We're in a different era than the one we grew up with, where we were sent outside to play and not return until mealtime (or dark). Fostering a meaningful relationship with our natural home requires intention and boundary setting. Here are seven simple ways to get your kids off their electronics and playing outside more this spring:

1) Explore Somewhere New

Backyard fun is great, but to create excitement and fresh bonding opportunities, explore somewhere you've never been! No need for a full-on road trip, just visit the same park or nature area and take a different trail. Go to a park toward the opposite side of town as the one you frequent. You may just discover something new about yourself or your children amidst the new scenery.

2) Lead By Example

Kids might listen to what you say, but they'll certainly replicate what you do! Show them how valuable outdoor time is by enjoying your favorite hobbies outdoors. Take you exercise into nature rather than an indoor gym. Read on a blanket under the trees rather than the couch. Show them how enjoyable their natural home can be.

3) Create a Daily Habit

Try going outside at the same time every day. Begin your day with an early morning walk together, take an evening stroll and chat about your days... whatever time frame works best for you and your family.

4) Make Outdoor Play Attractive

Create a haven for yourself AND your kids to entice them outdoors. Keep a tub of outdoor toys that are specifically for adventures in your yard and beyond. Make landscaping choices that support your family's lifestyle and feel good.

5) Invite Friends & Neighbors to Join

Outdoor fun is made all the merrier by inviting those you enjoy to spend time together. Build a fire, get out the yard games, and soak it in.

6) Limit Electronic Use

Allow them to be "bored" for that is when creativity kicks in! Set boundaries together around electronic usage to encourage outdoor time instead. Once these boundaries are agreed upon, enforce them and stay consistent.

7) Plant Something New Together

From a couple of pots on the porch to a full vegetable garden, growing something new together invites a certain type of anticipation not easily replicated. They learn responsibility and commitment, as it requires dedication to keep another living thing alive. There is joy to be found together as you enjoy the fruits, vegetables, flowers, or foliage nurtured by your love.

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