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Boost Your Mood in 5 Minutes or Less: 8 Simple Ideas to go From Glum to Glee

From a casual case of the winter blues to a serious bout of seasonal depressive disorder, winter can be a tough time to stay uplifted. While they may seem simple, these five minute activities are guaranteed to lift your spirits and help to shift the energy of your day. Do them yourself, include a loved one, and send to your friend who’s been seeming a bit down lately to boost the mood in only five minutes.


Friend, your body requires movement. Since the beginning of time, humans have enjoyed connecting with one another and Mother Nature herself through the art of dance. Whether you turn on classical music and sway to the ballet steps you’d learned as a kid or twerk to your favorite new rap artist, dancing heals. Shift your energy, release tension, and reconnect your body, mind, and soul. Five minutes will have you feeling rejuvenated and you just might find a smile on your face.


There’s a reason the phrase “laughter is the best medicine” exists. Laughter helps to release hormones that genuinely lift our mood. Even if we have to force it to begin with, eventually our brains cannot tell the difference and start feeling better! So throw on your favorite stand-up comedian as you’re doing the dishes or call your friend who has a special skill of humorous storytelling and get the laughter flowing.


You were a born creator. Whether you had a special knack for building with legos and blocks or loved painting and drawing, your child self loved creating new things. Truth is, you still do!

Maybe that love of rearranging your room turned into a passion for interior design. Or you used to make up songs just for fun but haven’t touched that guitar in years. Whatever it is that used to bring you joy, create just for the sake of creating. Five minutes may reawaken a new (old) love.

Give Gratitude

A sure-fire way to move your mental energy from self-pity and negative talk to positive vibrations is through the act of gratitude. Spend five minutes listing out everyone and everything you’re grateful for. Better yet, call/text/write to those you’re thankful for and let them know!

You’re bound to feel more uplifted, especially if you choose to make these five minutes of gratitude a daily habit.


Whether writing a thank-you note or a full length novel, writing helps us to escape our mental loop of worry and fear. A daily practice of writing in a journal for just five minutes a day can be an excellent way to boost your mood and understand yourself more thoroughly.


Winter brings an increased need for hydration (in northern climates). Take five minutes to chug some water, as we often require more water than we’re providing our bodies with. Don’t forget to moisturize your body’s largest organ and protect the skin from dry winter air outside. Apply a skin protectant in the morning and natural face and body moisturizer in the evening for a quick five minute self care routine.


While it’s natural to hermit ourselves a bit when the weather is cold, sometimes we do so too much! Humans are creatures of connection and even the most introverted of individuals needs to connect deeply with those we feel comfortable with. Take five minutes to call a friend, make plans to meet up for coffee, or drop off a small little gesture to encourage those feelings of connection. Remember that you’re never alone in this life experience!

Absorb Light

We tend to be outdoors far less than in warmer months, so it’s time to be intentional about absorbing that natural sunlight. Acquire your necessary vitamin D by bundling up and basking in the sunlight on a quick walk around the block. If you’re someone who suffers from seasonal depression, look into purchasing a sunlight lamp and place in a location you’ll remember to turn it on daily. It’s suggested you use it during the midday hours so as not to affect your sleep cycle.

Remember we can absorb light in more than just the physical sense! Stay close to those who shine their inner light brightly and remind you of your own.

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