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"He Was Seeing Something That I Could Not"- The Spiritual Sense of Children

Children are fascinating creatures. They float along a fine line of learning how to live this human life while simultaneously housing a depth of spiritual understanding and wisdom far beyond their years. Anyone who has spent time with a young child has likely had an experience of noticing they have a unique spiritual sense... a gift of perception that has yet to be clouded by the fear of other's judgement or being told by an adult what is "real" and what is not.

I had a reminder of this spiritual sense just this week as I lay with our eleven month old on the bed. Having just finished nursing Leo, I was waiting to see if he'd be drifting off to sleep or was not yet ready to surrender to naptime. He turned himself away from me, his back cuddled into my chest and let out a spontaneous giggle. I was surprised to hear this sweet sound coming from him, as it had only been shared when someone was making him laugh... peek-a-boo or another silly sound that struck him as funny. I began to think it was just a fluke, him exploring the new sounds he's learned to make over the last couple of months, when he did it again.

This time his giggling continued, as he faced away from me. Warm tingles spread throughout my body, beginning at my hands and my head. This warmth was familiar... it was the same feeling I've received countless times as I've felt a crossed over loved one come through as I'm providing a Reiki healing session or guiding meditation. Another sweet baby laugh combined with his subtle movement confirmed what I was feeling to be true.

He was seeing something I could not.

He behaved precisely as he did when a smiling family member's face was in front of him, at one point even reaching out and gently cooing just as he does toward me. I was sure this was not by chance... he was sensing what I felt but could not see. After playing with his angel friend for a bit, he turned back around to face me and smiled a knowing smile as I began to reflect upon an experience had with his big sister.

When Hallie was beginning to speak clearly and play more independently, she was on the floor with a few toys. I was in the adjacent room, preparing a meal as I overheard her having a grand time and playing with more enthusiasm than I was used to hearing. I smiled and asked her what she was up to in there, and she responded, "Playin' with Staci!"

My jaw dropped and tears came to my eyes.

Staci was my husband's aunt who had passed a year or so before. She had a special place in her heart for Hallie and had undoubtedly taken a role as her guardian angel or spiritual guide. I wracked my brain to think of anyone she knew with that name, or any character she may have read about or seen on television. I came up with nothing. Just as I'd felt with Leo, it was a reminder of how surrounded by love we are and that children are gifted with an openness and receptivity to enjoy it fully.

There are many verbal stories, books, blogs, and online forums sharing stories of similar events occurring. From vivid past life remembrances to "imaginary friends" that match exact descriptions of loved ones no longer living, to understandings about love and kindness that flow so naturally, we have much to learn about the spiritual world from our children. In fact, you likely have a story of an experience or profound spiritual lesson from a child.

If you do please reach out or share in the comments as I'd just LOVE to hear it! Let's all do our best to validate and remain open to learn from these little messengers of wisdom.



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