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The Hidden Health Benefit of Plants Nobody Talks About

Houseplants have an ability beyond simply making us feel good with their oxygen contributions to our home. While they cheer up a space and feel homey and inviting, they do more than bring a little aesthetically pleasing nature indoors. Keeping houseplants can give us little clues as to our own health and wellness.

Our beloved banana tree got too dry recently and dropped nearly all of her leaves.

I was saddened, as I'd gotten this giant beast of a plant from a friend and seeing her in such a state was depressing. I soaked her with water and tenderly trimmed her crunchy brown leaves. "This is not like me to let my plants get into such a state..." I pondered to my plant-loving self, which led to a realization about my own self care as of late.

Just like my banana tree, I had been neglecting some basic needs within my own physical body. I was also not getting enough water for the dry air and subzero temps that had lingered in the Midwest and just like her, I was dehydrated. I also hadn't been doing the things that I knew were good for my mental health when the weather prevented as much outdoor time as I'd like, such as soaking in a hot epsom salt bath with soothing and uplifting essential oils.

Yet it went even deeper than that.

I realized there were parts about my life experience that I was still holding onto the pain and resentment of. Just like the tree, unwilling to fully release the dead leaves that were no longer serving her, I was keeping these hurt emotions and inner wounds within. And just like the tree, what once kept me safe and protected inside was no longer serving me and it was time to let go. Some "dead leaves" fall away naturally, releasing without much effort as new growth moves them out of the way. Others must be intentionally pruned with a sharp scissors of self-exploration, therapy, somatic work, meditation, or journaling.

Through this intentional pruning, both my banana tree and myself are sprouting bright new growth.

Plants can bring joyful green into our homes, connecting us with Mother Nature's healing goodness and freshening up our spaces. They can remind us to get enough water and sunlight, and to seek a new environment if our current one prevents us from thriving. They can also serve as a mirror into our inner world. If we listen closely enough, plants can provide us with powerful spiritual insight that helps us live well in body, mind, and soul.



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