The Moment I Discovered Roe vs Wade was Overturned

I sat, stunned on the floor and tears came to my eyes. Baby Leo lay beside me on his play mat as I sank deeper into my knees and ankles trying to ground myself. Our emotionally perceptive Hallie came in, asking me if I could untangle the necklaces her little hands held, before immediately switching to a different question when she saw my face.

"What's wrong, Mom?"

I sighed, and the tears let loose as I took in her concerned face. She repeated her question again, this time kneeling down with me and setting her tangled necklaces down in front of us.

"Mommy feels.... sad. And frustrated. And angry. And a little afraid."

"Why do you feel all those things?" she asked.

How could I answer her? How could I verbalize to a four year old that she now legally had less rights to her body than her mother has had. How could I explain something that was far beyond her years in an honest way?

"Was somebody not kind?" she asked me, as that was a common reason given for her mom's distress.

I took a deep breath.

"Well kiddo, that's a good question. A decision was made today about women and women's bodies. A decision that some people are happy about, but even more are saddened by. A decision that should never be in the hands of those who made it."


My answer seemed to pacify her curiosity as she asked me again to help her untangle her necklaces. I began doing so, pouring my energy and attention into the task. She recognized that the two had made quite a mess together. I sighed and said, "