Why Feminists Hate Men

With today's midterm election and the recent Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v Wade, there's been a flurry of feminist and pro-choice activity. From protests, to fundraising, to graphic tees, women are making their dissatisfaction known. Perhaps even the word "feminist" ignites the image of an enraged woman, waving her sign. Which leaves many questioning, why do feminists hate men? I dove deep into the green bandanas and RBG sillhouettes to find your answer and it was discovered that (pause for dramatic effect)...

they don't.

Contrary to this misconception, I speak for the vast majority of feminists when I say we do not hate men. We do not despise, hold grudges toward, or want to see them suffer. In fact, it's quite the opposite. We LOVE good, kind, strong, and empathetic men. They're our partners, our fathers, our brothers and our sons. They stand with us in knowing we have an opportunity to make this world a better place and they act in solidarity to empower the women they love. We envision a world in which the unique gifts and abilities of men and women alike are honored as equal and we work together to eradicate hate and fear.

So why the misconception?

Perhaps this rage and anger is misunderstood. When a feminist woman taps into their warrior within, they rise up with a strength from within that can feel intimidating to even the strongest of men. This fury is not directed at any one man in particular (well... perhaps a few poorly educated politicians filled with greed and self-righteousness) but toward a system that has benefited from the oppression of women for centuries. It is the strength of our ancestors, whose voices have been silenced and removed from "his"tory altogether. Think about your raising. Did you learn about the men who conquered lands and claimed them for themselves, or the women who were raped and murdered as they did so? Did you learn about the technological inventions and medical discoveries of male doctors, or the women who've been working as one with the earth for centuries to heal with herbs and energy? Did you look up to the man in a suit with a self-assured voice, or the woman raising children to be kind and loving as the picture of success?

We don't want to break through your glass ceiling. We want to live in a world where ceilings built to contain us do not exist.