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6 Ways to Enhance Your Intuition

Do you spend as much time seeking answers and inspiration from within as you do outside of yourself?

In order to fully understand and grow our strengths we must enhance our intuition. Think of a time when you were looking for guidance and support when making an important decision. So often we seek to receive answers to our life's purpose and guidance by looking outside of ourselves instead of choosing to connect so deeply to our inner self that our decisions cannot help but flow in aligned synchronicity.

Your intuition is like a muscle. The more you intentionally exercise it, the stronger it becomes. We're all capable of strengthening our intuitive abilities. Here are six simple ways to do so!

1) Dedicate time for connecting with your intuitive voice through meditation. Allow your breath to deepen and relax as you focus on the inhale and exhale gently quieting your mind. Ask yourself, what is my intuition trying to tell me? Without judgement, allow whatever thoughts you have to arise and observe the emotional response that comes with them.

2) Listen to your body. Set mental or physical alarm reminders to pause and tune in. Are you holding tension in any particular areas? Are you noticing your body signalling when you are neglecting your intuitive voice (examples: headaches when feeling overwhelmed and unfocused, gut sensitivities when feeling nerves or lack of trust, tension in a particular part of your body that you associate with a person or situation)? How can you better listen to the signals your body is giving before they become uncomfortable or even painful?

3) Journal or write out your thoughts. Ask your intuition about questions or concerns that have been plaguing you as if you're writing to ask a close friend. Then breathe deeply and allow the answers to flow through your pen or pencil without stopping to question or correct the responses.

4) Take action. Allow yourself to be impulsive within reason. Don't allow your mind time to over-analyze or talk you out of the decision your intuition is strongly guiding you toward and instead act quickly.

5) Take note of your "aha" moments. Often ideas, insight, and advice can come to us in a sudden way that feels completely spontaneous and unrelated to your previous train of thought. If unable to act on these right away (as they often come through when stirring at night, in light at the grocery store, or another equally inconvenient time), jot these ideas down in a notebook.

6) Play intuitive guessing games. Have an inkling that a certain person is calling before you pick up the phone to see? Suspicious that a major life event is about to happen in someone's life? Make guesses about what is occurring or will occur and watch your intuition gain strength.

Love & Healing,

Ashley Kay



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