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Dreaming of Pink (and not the color!)

You ever have someone influential show up in your dreams?

Perhaps someone you know personally, an ancestor or spirit guide, or a well-known figure you've never met but admire... these appearances are meaningful. Last night I awoke following the dream I didn't know I needed, nor would I have ever expected, feeling comforted and empowered.

I was attending an event put on by the international music superstar and badass mom, Pink. I believe it was a workshop for her backup performers... reminding me of the recently neglected passion I have for dancing and singing. Despite the dozens of people there, I had the opportunity after to share my appreciation with her.

The past several days of my waking life had been a whirlwind of all that has needed to rise to the surface in order to heal. Intense limiting beliefs, fears, past trauma, everything I guide other women through was awakening within me in an emotionally overwhelming way. This was all layered upon the hormones and pressure of the impending birth of our second kiddo due in only a couple of weeks and I'd been feeling overwhelmed to say the least.

Within the dream she took a moment to hear me, as I shared briefly about my miscarriage and the traumatic birth of our daughter. I felt her hold space for my sharing, taking a few precious moments for me to feel acknowledged and heard. She wrapped me in a hug as I thanked her for doing what she does, inspiring me and so many other women and moms who feel like they don't know how they're going to do it all.

Because isn't that all of us?

Whether we're putting on concerts for hundreds of thousands of people, or trying to keep our head above water as a stay-at-home mom... sometimes we doubt our own capabilities. Sometimes the fear takes hold and attempts to stomp out the faith. I'd been allowing myself to focus my attention and energy on what didn't feel to be going right, the doubts and concerns that pummeled me over the head like a fierce and repetitive wave. All the while neglecting the awareness that I hold the power to allow these waves to subside and create peaceful waters within.

As the large group of us loaded onto a large charter bus following this event, I realized I hadn't verbalized the most important part of what I'd intended to share with Pink. I bolted off the bus past the protesting bus driver who was about ready to pull out of the parking lot and over to where she was in discussion with an assistant. She paused, curious why I'd returned in such a way. I gave her another hug, this time in full expression of my gratitude and as I began heading back to the bus I told her,

"It's not just the songs you sing and what you create.... it's who you are that makes a difference in our lives."

You see, Pink was more than just a singer I enjoy listening to. Her empowering energy showed up when I needed to be reminded of my capabilities. That who I am as a person and what flows from me is of value... even if that feels different from what's been deemed to have the most value within our society. And that just as she's done with her incredible acrobatic performances full of heart and her dedication to authentically expressing her true self, I am capable of creating the reality envisioned within my soul.

And so are you.

Love & Healing,

Ashley Kay

Photo: Billboard Music Awards 2021

P.S. If you're needing to feel a sense of empowerment and inspiration, watch "Pink: All I know So Far" available on Amazon Prime Video



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