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Energy Healing for the Home: 6 Ways to Refresh a Stagnant Space

Our space is an extension of our energy. Whether our home, office, car, or another space altogether, our surroundings tend to reflect the state of being we are experiencing within. When I'm most overwhelmed and energetically drained, you'll find a large pile of dishes in the sink and unfolded laundry piled throughout our bedroom. If I've been neglecting my own energetic wellness, my houseplants are likely in need of a watering as well. So what do we do to create a shift in the space we reside in?

1) Refresh Your Mindset

Simply understanding that how we care for our own body, mind and soul overflows into the spaces we call ours is an awareness that teaches us about our self-care needs. Notice what your space feels like when it is clear and comforting to spend time in. What emotions do you experience when this space feels good?

"The space in which we live is for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past." -Marie Kondo

It can be all too tempting to hold onto the physical items that we associate with positive memories or special experiences. We may think of them as our only connection to the emotions felt during these cherished times. While it's perfectly healthy to keep a box or two of sentimental items, going beyond this can weigh us down.

2) Declutter

We can all feel the difference between a room that is open, clean, and fresh and one that is scattered with clutter, dust, and those piles you've been pushing to the side. When we declutter, we are able to give things away and bless others with things we no longer need or want. We can finally give ourselves permission to get rid of that sock we've been holding onto for months in hopes of finding its mate or the chargers for electronics you no longer have. And most importantly, we clear physical space to make room for whats to come.

Just like our personal energy, we must rid ourselves from attachments that no longer serve us in order to create space for healing and growth. The same concept applies to our physical surroundings. If we're seeking that perfect armchair, clear a space for it and act as though it is already there to manifest it into your reality. If you're wanting to start a daily yoga routine, set up your peaceful space with yoga mat ready and waiting. If you're aiming to finish that book you never seem to have time for, set it on your coffee table where you'd typically pick up your phone or computer instead. Make space for your future self.

3) Rearrange & Refresh

Now it's time for some FUN! Freshen up the energy flow by rearranging furniture and decor, dusting and minimizing as you go. Never quite liked the spot your bed is in, or never seem to look at that artwork you love so much? Move it! Think about the pathways you most commonly make in your house and how energy flows through. Allow your artistry

Refresh your space and bring more light in by placing mirrors in areas that are lacking, or freshen up with light paint colors that bounce around the natural light. Remember that this is YOUR space, and while it's fun to gain inspiration from beautiful homes on social media make it feel good to YOU and those you live with. If something you used to like no longer brings you joy, part with it and replace with that thrift find that made you do a little happy dance when you discovered it! Less more.

4) Bring the Outdoors In

Bring as many happy remnants of the outdoors inside as you're able! From low maintenance houseplants (my top seven easiest to care for can be found here) to crystals or a bowl of rocks from your favorite riverbank, Mother Nature knows how to comfort and soothe. Throw some cozy blankets or pillows made of natural fibers around and decorate with artwork that reminds you of peaceful nature spots. Cleanse the energy of a space regularly with authentic essential oils or by burning herbs of sage, lavender, or rosemary.

5) Sounds of the Soul

There is a powerful way to shift the energy of a space without touching a single piece of furniture or decor... sound. Think of how quickly your energy shifts when you put on your favorite song to dance to, or how immediately soothed you feel when you turn on that meditation track with nature sounds.

You are the DJ to your own life, allow sounds that bring you peace and joy to resonate through your space.

6) Set Intentions

Spend time in each area of your home or space and allow yourself to feel the intentions that arise. Dedicate a place for different activities... a kiddo play zone that they can destroy without you feeling overwhelmed if unexpected guests stop by, a cozy little nook for reading and sipping your tea or coffee, an intentional area of electronics-free peacefulness to meditate and sleep.

Start from within and decide how you want to FEEL and how you want to spend your time. Then arrange your home to support this intentional way living and enjoy your vibration RISE.



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