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7 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall with Joy & Mindfulness

Ahhhh... there is something about that first brisk morning when you step outside, inhale deeply, and smell that fall has arrived. Or when you enjoy that flavor burst of cinnamon, or pumpkin, or maple that tastes like autumn to you. Or the coziness that envelopes you as you bust out that comfy old sweatshirt you've had for a decade, but it's simply the best for snuggling next to the fire. Even if the temperatures are still warm, there's no doubt that fall has arrived. Now it's time to prepare your home for fall with these tips.

1) Release the old

We often think of spring cleaning, but many of us get the desire to clean and cleanse before the weather of winter hits! Now is a perfect time to go through your seasonal clothing, decor items, cabinets, and cupboards to assess. As you do so, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this bring me joy or functionality?

  • Does this support the me I'm growing into, or was it for a past version of myself?

  • Can I feel lighter by releasing my attachment to this?

2) Bring the outdoors in

If you're in a colder climate that may bring freezing nighttime temps soon, it's time to bring those houseplants garden pots indoors. Repot with fresh soil and water thoroughly as you enjoy the plant therapy they provide. If you aren't a big plant person, gather some fall grasses for a centerpiece arrangement or collect your favorite colorful leaves to press into a journal or notebook for a gift.

3) Think cozy textures

Fall is the perfect time to bring your coziest textures out into the open. That thick and soft blanket that is hiding away in the linen closet can be brought to the couch. Discover the soothing comfort of layering natural fibers in pillows, blankets, and especially the clothing on your body.

4) Get to the root

Autumn is a wonderful time to ground yourself with warm and comforting root vegetables. Check your local farmers market to stock up on squash (acorn and butternut are a couple of my personal favorites), sweet potatoes, carrots, and more. Try out a new soup recipe to master for the winter.

As you slow down and cozy in, or spend more time in bleachers, make sure to care for your root, and sacral chakras. Open and stretch those hips with downward dog, upward dog, forward fold, and pigeon poses. Meditate on the feeling of safety, security, acceptance, and confident self-expression.

5) Embrace the weather

Fall can bring an array of weather, from summer-like heat and sunshine, to wet and rainy, to cold that hints at weather to come. Get out and rewash those warm layers... your jackets and coats, hats, mittens, and scarves to see if any need repairing or replacing. Don't let the unpredictable weather keep you from enjoying the season. Don't forget to donate extra items to your local shelter.

6) Breathe it in

Bring fall scents into your home through pure essential oils, herbal simmer pots, natural candles, and burning ethically harvested sage or palo santo. One of my favorites is to throw a combination of eucalyptus, orange, and cinnamon into a pot of boiling water and enjoy the refreshing scent wash through your entire house. Keep windows open as you're able! Don't forget that many mass-produced candles are filled with toxins and hormone disrupters, so be mindful to purchase those made with natural ingredients.

7) Take a lesson from the trees

While fall may seem to speed by, with school activities and fall weddings to attend, be intentional about creating "slow living" moments. A gentle weekend morning, sipping your coffee or tea as the kiddos play. An afternoon leisurely picking apples. An evening reading by the fire instead of in bed. Even taking five minutes to inhale and exhale slowly and tune into your body. Remember that we can create ease as we transition into the season.

Just as the trees release their leaves but are steadfast in their bodily home, we can choose what we wish to release this season. Perhaps we choose to release old wounds and forgive others, sending them love on their journey. Perhaps we release physical objects that are cluttering up our life and creating more work for us to maintain. Perhaps we release limiting beliefs, internal sayings that have been holding us back from rising into this higher version of ourselves ready to emerge.

Or perhaps a combination of all.

What way are you most looking forward to welcoming in autumn?



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