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Full Moon Rituals for Healing & Growth

If you've noticed a bit of chaotic energy this past weekend, you aren't alone! From the kids bouncing off the walls, to unexpected misunderstandings or conflict, to technological glitches... the full moon energy can get intense (just ask any emergency room professional or school teacher). But don't worry, you can harness this energy in your healing and self-care practices to catapult yourself toward the life you imagine. Here are 40 ideas for full moon rituals to make this full moon a springboard into the positive:

full moon over the silhouette of tree branches


The full moon is a perfect time to release what is no longer serving your highest good. Everything from toxic relationships to excess physical items and limiting beliefs can be released from your life. This list provides a few areas you may wish to assess. Don't get overwhelmed! Even choosing one to focus on will help to being a positive energy shift to your life. Ask yourself questions for clarity.

  • Relationships- Are they balanced? Do they feel energetically depleting or supportive? Which relationships would feel good to give more energy to? Less energy to? Is there anyone in your life that you're needing to step back from altogether?

  • Home items- Are there any unwanted or unnecessary items contributing to clutter that I can release attachment to? This first spring full moon invites us to make space for new growth and a clear home means a clear mind! In Marie Kondo fashion, ask yourself, "Does this spark joy?" and "Is this item useful?"

  • Extracurricular Activities- Is your family life cluttered with unnecessary busyness? Are those kiddo activities you're rushing around to things that they actually enjoy? Or are you participating in activities simply because you feel like you should, or out of pressure from others?

  • Beliefs & Systems- Is there a belief system you were programmed to believe in younger years that is no longer applicable to your life? Maybe a thought you were taught to believe is that limiting your potential (think negative self-talk)? Is there a system that worked well for the family you were born into that isn't working for the lifestyle you're currently creating?


As you release that which is no longer serving you, you may also feel the desire to cleanse! Open those windows to the early spring rain and let the aroma refresh your spirit as you consider the following.

  • Your physical body

    • Get a haircut (or cut it yourself).

    • Give yourself a pedicure and/or manicure.

    • Take an epsom salt bath soak with soothing essential oils.

    • Drink more water.

    • Make small dietary changes that support your well-being.

  • Your mental space

    • Listen to a positive and uplifting podcast.

    • Read a self-help book that applies to your interests.

    • Take up meditation.

    • Make a routine of saying affirmations daily (check out these cards you can print at home).

    • Listen to positive music.

  • Your spirit/energy

    • Visit an outdoor space you love.

    • Learn about a spiritual tradition you've always been curious about.

    • Say yes to something you've thought about doing for ages.

    • Use incense, sage, or palo santo to smoke cleanse your energetic body.

    • Sing, dance, and/or create art.


Think about the goals or intentions you set at the beginning of the calendar year. Remember that this is the fresh start to the lunar new year and a perfect time to solidify those goals or intentions. Refocus on what's most important in your life.

  • Write a list of your family values to consult when making decisions.

  • Put your goals or intentions somewhere you see them daily, perhaps your mirror or a marker board.

  • Revisit your financial goals, and update them with the systems that help you get there.

  • Minimize distractions within your own home.

  • Keep a lunar calendar displayed to remind you of these beneficial rituals, like this printable option.


Envision what you want your life to look like. In order to know where you're headed, you must have a vision for the reality you desire.

  • Write a journal entry from yourself 1, 5, 10 years from now and describe your life in detail.

  • Create a physical collage vision board by cutting our photos and words from magazines.

  • Make a Pinterest board full of images and articles that represent the life you're working toward

  • Write a phrase or word in your planner or phone calendar each week to help you bring to life your visualizations.

  • Meditate and ask your soul to help your mind envision the life you're moving toward


Take action to create the reality you've already visualized.

  • Ask for help from someone who's been where you wish to go, or has gained skills you wish to learn.

  • Make a step by step guide that gets you to where you're wanting to go. Ignore the advanced steps and focus your entire energy into the next step... releasing attachment to the outcome. You may find these steps lead to an even better place than you'd ever imagined.

  • If you'd like to start your next day in a particular way, set yourself up for success. Want to work out in the morning? Set your workout clothes and water by the bed. Want to not check your phone first thing? Plug in your phone in an entirely different room. Want to make healthy meals today? Get groceries that support this intention. Want to meditate daily? Print out this meditation tracker to support your progress.

  • Plant seeds for the veggie or flower garden to enjoy in the months to come. As you do, think about the hypothetical seeds you're planting in your own life.


Do something special that celebrates who you are now and how far you've come! Make time to celebrate the little wins.

  • Get out that special something you've been saving for a special occasion, the fancy dishes, that outfit that's been in your closet, the nice skin care product... and enjoy it!

  • Gather your friends for a party, just to celebrate being alive.

  • Give gratitude during your morning coffee.

  • Make a dance party playlist.

  • If you have children, celebrate their favorite stuffy's birthday or whatever holiday they wish to celebrate.

  • Get yourself flowers just because.

  • Make a surprise visit to bring cheer to a loved one.

While this blog post features many ideas for full moon rituals, remember to follow your intuition as to what you should focus on. Enjoy the process and watch your life blossom as the moon phases change!



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