Leo's Home Birth Story (part two)

Continued from Leo's Home Birth Story (part one).

11:40PM on 2.22.22.

He was beautiful, absolutely perfect, but he was completely limp in my arms.

"Come on baby, let's hear a cry," Dawn pep-talked him. "Is it ok if I give him breaths, mama?" I immediately gave her consent and gently rubbed his little body as she gave him breaths of life... and we waited...

You'd think during these moments I would have been overwhelmed with fear and concern. Yet, as I held him I was somehow filled with such peace and faith that he would be alright. After Emily swiftly suctioned out his little nose and mouth, Dawn gave him more oxygen from the small tank she'd shown our daughter first thing that morning. She then encouraged him to cry with a flick on the bottom of his foot as I continued rubbed his little body. Finally he let out a lung-clearing cry. While the technical description of this experience may have been that he was stunned due to shoulder dystocia, I felt it simply took an extra moment for his body and soul to fully unite in this external human existence.

He stared up at me with eyes now open wide, and I glanced beside me to Adam in a moment of such love and gratitude for this incredible tiny human we'd brought into being. "Good job Mom," he told me with a quick grin as unbeknownst to me at the time, he was trying to keep himself vertical. With a gentle lift of our babes leg, I confirmed what my intuition already had me believing... Hallie had herself a little brother! He had such chunky and utterly kissable cheeks, the sweetest face, and a full head of dark hair. We were both bloodied from battle, but now in such a state of serenity.

"I did it. We did it." I grinned with pride and exhaustion. After having my daughter cut from my womb, I had birthed our baby at home, just as intended.