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This One Simple Movement Made Me Cry: The Power of Somatic Release

I entered the class feeling a bit emotional, I'll admit. But when directed to move in a particular way, following instructor Dani's guidance, I was surprised to experience tears coming to my eyes and the incredible feeling of somatic release flood my body.

Dani was guiding a class called Aya Dance, a type of meditative dance that brings clarity of the mind, juicy goodness to the body, and a refreshing sense of joy to the soul. As we began I simply felt that immense joy and relief it felt to be fully present there. There, in a circle of open-hearted and welcoming women (after receiving a warm hug from Dani), and moving my body in a way I've always relished... dancing. We faced the gorgeous open windows of Hartman Nature Reserve in the Cedar Valley of Iowa, overlooking the woods. Birds could be seen flitting here and there in the trees from which sap was flowing but buds had yet to awaken.

As we moved and soul soothing songs changed, we were guided through an array of simple movements that reconnected us with our body, yet left freedom to express ourselves as felt good to us. This somatic therapy stirred emotions from the places they'd been hiding within our bodies. It was when we were guided to create a particular type of movement that I felt those tears rising. Dani prompted us to circle our arms far and wide then bringing the sides of our hands together, palms up, we brought them toward our abdomen as though cupping and bringing in a most precious gift to receive. I felt the energy of love and life moving all around us and there was something about this motion that hit home.

To receive.

Mothers, healers, and empaths are the givers. We pour out all the energy we can muster, and then dig a little deeper to pour a few more drops. We ensure the needs and desires of those we love (and often even strangers) are met before allowing ourselves to rest or be poured back into. We're up late preparing for our family's needs of the day to come and up early ensuring they are met with love.

I'd been unaware of exactly how much I'd been over-giving and not holding the boundaries that require my own energetic prioritization. It can be easy to lose yourself within the little beings that need you so genuinely, the friend or family member requiring extra support, your partner's needs and expectations, or the job that you give your heart to so fully.

As I opened my arms to bring this healing energy of love toward myself rather than feeling it flow outward to others, this awareness hit me in such a way that it inspired me to share it with you.

Friend, you are here to be of service... it's true. You do so beautifully. But you are also deserving of receiving the same love and compassion you pour freely to others. You've been giving enough, allow yourself to receive.

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