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Holistic Healing from Illness + 12 Tips for Body, Mind, & Spirit

It happened again.

Just when we got ourselves well from the first fall bug to be brought home from kindergarten and were beginning to enjoy the lovely season of autumn I hear a"COUGH COUGH COUGH" and a giant sniffle. Groaning inwardly, I try to keep myself positive... "Perhaps it's just allergies! She's been playing outside so much." Spoiler alert: It wasn't just allergies. She was sick, and illness was about to make its way through our family once again.

(skipping Dad this time, thankfully)

In having her home from school, our schedule disrupted, and a full night's sleep a distant memory, it wasn't long before my mental health began to suffer. It's hard seeing your littles unwell, and only so much you can do about it. Even harder when you, yourself, aren't well and your intended plans that keep you feeling on track physically, mentally, and spiritually are no longer.

In this slump of sickness, I recognized a pattern... an opportunity for some inner child healing.

When I was a young child, I got scarily sick. I was taken to several doctors and specialists, yet an accurate diagnosis and treatment could not be found. I missed months of school and was incredibly fatigued. A typically vibrant and bouncy girl was left laying on the couch with dull eyes, watching old VHS movies and overhearing her mother's worried voice as she made yet another appointment searching for a solution.

Being sick felt isolating. Lonesome. I missed my friends and felt like the whole world was moving forward without me. I felt hopeless and achy, unwell not just in my body but in my spirit. I was unable to tumble around, run, and leap as was my favorite mode of travel. As an adult, I logically knew I'd be better in a matter of days. Yet there was a part of me that still returned to this place emotionally.

Home with the kids all week by myself as Adam worked long hours, being unable to see friends or have the vocal capacity for much phone conversation, breaking my own work commitments... it all took me back to this place as I recognized myself being mopey and more self-pitying that is of my character.

This brought an opportunity to allow healing not only of the body, but of the spirit.

Often when ill we do everything we can to address the physical ailments. Of course this is necessary, as our body is the vehicle of our soul, yet we frequently overlook what sickness does to the mind and spirit. When healing, it is important to support our WHOLE selves, not just the body. Here are twelve holistic healing tips to do so:


  • Get out of bed, and ease into some gentle movement as you're able. A slow walk outside, a gentle yin yoga, or stretching session can all help to keep that lymphatic system ridding your body of the toxins keeping you ill.

  • Drink warm, soothing liquids such as herbal tea and lemon honey water. Hydrate as much as you possibly can. Doing so with warm rather than cool liquids is easier on your digestion (making your body not have to work so hard as it heals) and soothing to the throat.

  • Eat root veggies and comfort foods high in vitamins and minerals. Bring back your families go to broth stew, enjoy a cozy sweet potato or squash with honey, and avoid processed foods with high sugar or dairy content (both feed inflammation- aka illness bugs). Remember that food is the most powerful of medicine!

  • Soak in your Vitamin D. I get it, I wanted to burrow myself into our bed with windows drawn. That's okay when all you need is to rest. But don't stay there! When I felt my lowest, my husband reminded me to just go outside and sit in the sunshine. It was only a few minutes before I began to feel better in body, mind, AND spirit.


  • Journal your thoughts and feelings to better understand what emotions are arising and why.

  • Repeat positive affirmations to yourself (truly embracing them), such as "I am healing. My body is strong and well. I am resilient."

  • Listen to uplifting music with positive lyrics.

  • Be intentional about the media you consume. Rather than watching the soapy reality dramas, enjoy a soothing nature documentary. Instead of doom-scrolling, pull up a page that inspires you, and allow that positive energy to flow into your mind.


  • Let someone nurturing in your life know what you need, whether that be a physical item (herbal medicine, tea, cough drops) or simply a text to encourage and check in. (Big thank you to my dear friends Hannah for the check-ins and Allyce for the ginger tea on my doorstep!)

  • Write thank you notes. While you're at home, likely stuck in bed or on the couch for much of the day, forgo the Netflix binge to instead write thank yous. Send one to that teacher from way back when, or the friend who recently supported you, or a family member who was a positive influence in your life.

  • Call in healing energy through prayer to the spiritual support team you most resonate with. You are more guided and supported than you know!

  • Allow yourself to accept the lesson within this illness. How can you better slow down to care for yourself? For your family? What has this bout of sickness taught you?

Have you noticed yourself neglecting one of these aspects of wellness when ill? What holistic healing care tips would you add to this list?

Love & Healing,

Ashley Kay



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