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How to Set Clear Intentions for a Fulfilling Life

I've always been one who loves birthdays. My birthday, other's birthdays, it doesn't matter! The idea of a day to celebrate the fact that you exist is fantastic. And as I write this, I'm celebrating just that. Not in the self-centered sense that all should celebrate that I was born... that would be awfully arrogant... but that I am here on this planet with the gift and honor of living this life and connecting with YOU!

I find birthdays to be a valuable time to reflect on life thus far and perhaps more importantly, to spend some time setting intentions for the life I aspire to live going forward. Because that gets my futuristic self (the one with a pile of post notes full of ideas) excited!

We all seek direction, a clear idea of what we're supposed to do when obstacles and opportunities present themselves to us and we have a decision to make.

Some of us sometimes get lost and confused along our path because we have too many ideas and we simply don't know where to start or which direction to focus. Some have been allowing others to tell them what direction we should focus their life. And still others have experienced hardships leading us to only see fear and limitations.

(I've been at each of these stages at least a couple of times)

Last night I did a quick little activity that I encourage you to do, birthday or not. Grab a piece of blank paper and ask yourself this question.

Where do I want my energy to flow?

As James Redfield and Tony Robbins have shared, "Where attention goes, energy flows." In random spaces upon the page my pen began listing these areas of life where I currently intend to place my focus:

  • Meditation

  • Gardening

  • Mindful Mothering

  • Writing

  • Yoga

  • Mentoring

  • Guiding Women's Healing

  • Minimal Living

  • Emotionally Supporting my Husband

  • Speaking

  • Homeschooling

  • Dancing

  • Traveling

  • Friendships

  • Music

  • Spiritual Wellness

Then as I continued I noticed my words shift into how I'd like to FEEL, adding:

  • Joy

  • Clarity

  • Passion

  • Abundant

  • Brave

  • Gracious

  • Exuberant

  • Balanced

Our brains are wired to think of the negatives. To protect us from danger, real or imagined. We are programmed with every fear our caregivers unknowingly wired into us as well as our primal instincts to stay alive. This means it takes extra attention and intention to bring our positive reality into being.

Often when we're on a healing journey, we revisit painful places and feel uncomfortable feelings arise. Sometimes these experiences have been buried so deep that it's like experiencing them all over again. Like many, I've been on a healing journey myself and in doing so have placed such focus on the pain and challenge that it occupied more of my attention and energy than I was aware it was taking. Even if we don't consider ourselves to be on such a journey, it can be easy to fall into the trap of complaints and negative talk.

It's time to shift that focus.

Instead of focusing our attention on what has been causing us suffering (therefore creating MORE), let us focus our attention on the life we are currently bringing into fruition. The life we feel deep within our soul that we are here to lead.

A life where we impact the world around us simply by being ourselves and sharing our love the way we feel called to share it. A life where we brave beyond those silly (but real) fears holding us back from expressing our whole selves and the unique gifts that come along with us. A life where on birthdays we can reflect with gratitude on the moments the past year held, and set intentions with excitement of all that is coming your way in the year and life upon the horizon.

Turning thirty-one could seem a bit mundane to some, but I'm finding it to feel incredibly alive with possibilities! Thank you for being a part of this journey through life together, and I welcome any conversation you may have surrounding these intentions.



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