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Nevertheless, She Persisted.

You have a calling.

I know it. Maybe you know it too. Maybe you just feel an inner sense of restlessness... an awareness that there's something unfulfilled within you. Or maybe the feeling is more intense anxiety or depression with a knowing that the way you're currently living life is not aligned with your higher self.

It's an unfortunate truth that the world isn't often set up to support these callings. We find ourselves bending and constricting in order to uncomfortably morph ourselves to fit a particular role that is already in place. Yet more often than not, to truly follow this calling led by inner joy we must carve our own path.

The beauty is, it's happening all around you!

Every single day there are women busting through the templates of how we were taught our lives must be lived. There are mothers pursuing passionate careers alongside the raising of their children. There are women stepping into leadership roles, educating their own kiddos, healing ancestral trauma, creating foundations out of their unique gifts and abilities, returning to natural ways of living, holding boundaries where they previously had none, leaving unhealthy relationships, advocating for marginalized groups of wonderful humans and SO. MUCH. MORE.

The key to doing so?

Releasing our preconceived notions of the way things "should be", our attachment to others' perception of us, and our own tight grip on the self-limiting beliefs created to keep us safe and small. Easy to read, far more challenging to do. So here's two simple little secrets that just might help:

1) Follow the joy.

Your inner being, higher self, spirit, whatever you want to call her leads you with peace and joy. Move toward that which brings you these and away from that which doesn't. Of course within each pursuit there will be moments of uncomfortable growth, but does the big picture excite and inspire you? Make you desire taking action? When life's challenges distract keep your focus on exactly that.

2) Seek your answers within rather than outside of yourself.

There is something terribly disheartening about feeling a sense of clarity as to a new direction and sharing it excitedly, only to be discouraged by whoever you chose to share it with. We've all been there, bubbly over a new light bulb moment. You share with somebody close to you and they nonchalantly throw some negativity your way as to why it won't work or seems not to make sense.

Because it doesn't. To them.

Even those who love you cannot see nor feel your higher self... cannot possibly know the unique calling that you hold within. Seek the answers and validation from your own connection to the Divine within rather than the noise of those around you. There will be friends, family members, strangers, and even entire societal structures trying to tell you that what you are here on this planet to do and be is impossible.

Nevertheless, we persist. Together we keep moving forward and create the world we wish to be a part of. We support and nurture one another and continue putting one foot in front of the other in the direction of our soul's calling. May you grow more aware of your worthiness of living life exactly as you're here to, serving others in your own unique way.

What good are YOU here to create?



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