When Women Gather, and an Invitation to Do So

Have you ever experienced a gathering of women where you felt such power, strength, and acceptance that you felt something awaken within your soul?

I was reflecting on our last women's retreat held in Galena, Illinois and the moments that most touched my heart. While there were many incredible exchanges and beautiful happenings to note, I felt deeply impacted by how everyone departed at the end of the weekend. We had wrapped up our final meditation and everyone had gathered their bags. We naturally fell into a circle outside as each woman hugged one another as though sisters who'd reunited and were about to depart again.

"I'm grateful to have met you."

"It felt so good to just be myself."

"I hope I get to see you all again sometime!"

"Can't we all just stay?!"

Though many of the women attending had only just met one another, they experienced a complete acceptance of each other's true self. They came with the courage to open their hearts fully, share authentically, and love freely. In return, they received the same energy of support and unconditional love.

We're often taught that a group of women is bound to be trouble. That women are catty and competitive, and a space with several women is bound to hold drama. I believe that image to be a figment of patriarchal societal illusions. Frankly, in my years of healing work with women, I've found it to be nothing further from the truth.

If women are pitted against one another and petty drama glamorized in the media, there is less energy and unity dedicated to more important things. I mean, who hasn't had a genuine expression of their feelings or anger over injustice dismissed with a comment about it being "your time of the month". If you throw scraps of equality to the wolves, it's bound to seem likely that they'll fight over them. But here's the thing... we don't need to accept pitiful scraps. We can join together and throw those scraps back, stepping up and demanding to fill our hunger for equality with our peacefully unified power. Our gentleness, our nurturing abilities, our strength and power are multiplied in abundance when in support of other women.