5 Lessons from the World's Best Mindfulness Teachers

There are thousands of wonderful meditation gurus and mindfulness teachers around the world. When picturing the best mindfulness guides you may call to mind Indian yoga philosophers or Tibetan monks... but what if I told you some of the greatest mindfulness teachers only JUST came into this world?

Women are incredible creatures. We are the very portal by which a soul enters into new life... yet it is children who teach us to rediscover life and its meaning. Though they're born little and nearly helpless physically, they hold such wisdom in their squishy little selves. Conjure up the feeling of holding a baby. This feeling has the power to slow down time for a moment and to make you appreciate each moment more. When gazing into their eyes it's like you're gazing into the entire Universe. You set aside your worries, your fears, and even your cell phone to enjoy the honor of being present in this moment. They guide you in slowing your breath and smiling gently with your entire self. You are holding a living reminder of how beautiful and miraculous life is.

Then, because time is the fleeting construct it is... they grow. Rapidly.

They turn into these semi-independent creatures with distinct personalities, quirks, and abilities. They explore life with bold excitement, stopping your entire day to take notice of the color of the sky or turning your mundane walks into a puddle splashing gigglefest. You're taught to see life around you as you once had, with wonder and awe. You accept the most beautiful bouquet you've ever been given... a bouquet of lawn proudly picked dandelions from a chubby-cheeked, yellow-nosed toddler. You pause, you play, and you are taught to rediscover the importance of both.

Babies and children share wisdom and love that flows directly from the Source. Their souls are pure, yet to be tampered with by the life experiences to come or the constructs of society. They've yet to be told who and what they SHOULD be, and simply express who and what they are. While the list is nearly endless, here are five lessons taught by the best mindfulness teachers:

1) Listen to and move your body intuitively

Watch a baby or young child as they first wake up. Often before their eyes are even open they strreeeeetch it out, bringing space between the vertebrae of their spine and lengthening out their limbs.

They listen to their body's needs and behave accordingly. The kiddos who are "fidgeting" in their classroom are often just listening to their innate need to MOVE! They stretch. They wiggle. They challenge their body to strengthen while testing their physical limits in order to grow their abilities.

When was the last time you danced in the grocery store when your favorite tune came on, or gave yourself time for a gigantic morning stretch? Whether you have a young child or not, take yourself to a nearby park or playground and allow your body to move in a way that feels fun to you!

2) Express your emotions authentically.