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Getting Your Sparkle Back

Have you ever felt you've lost your sparkle?

As a dear friend nears the birth of her first child, we were chuckling over name suggestions given by children. We reminisced over my daughter feeling convinced her brother should be named "Sparkles" regardless of whether he turned out to be a boy or girl. She then shared that a young student of hers had suggested the exact same name!

I was in awe for a moment, recognizing something astonishingly beautiful. Often when practicing energy healing, or even having a conversation that is deeply spiritual in nature, I'll see sparkles. Tiny little twinkly lights flowing in the air appear when I sense someone's loved one who has crossed over or the healing support of a person's spiritual team. Gasping as I connected the dots... what if the young kiddos recommending the name "Sparkles" can see the spirit of these babies, just as I see sparkles when feeling spiritual presence?!

We've likely all experienced a time when we're lost our sparkle... that spiritual alignment in who we are and the way we are living. Some of you may currently be in that place and honestly, I'm just emerging from it. While I knew my sense of purpose, I had allowed people near me to project their own sense of unworthiness onto my experience (whether they intended to or not). I allowed myself to believe their mirrorings rather than the call within my heart, unknowingly dimming my sparkle to make them comfortable and keep myself within a safe and small zone of familiarity.

This past weekend my husband looked at me with a grin of satisfaction and joy. "The way you just smiled... you're sparkling again!" He was completely unaware of this terminology shared with my friend and reflected upon. Yet he was right. I felt a sense of inner peace, joy, and alignment that I hadn't felt in a long while. I felt honored and respected, supported in being my true self.

It can be too easy to get lost in our day-to-day roles and responsibilities, believing they are the essence of who we are rather than connecting to our spirit. Other times we let others define who we are and who we should be rather than our own inner guidance. We distract ourselves with endless noise to cover up the inner healing that must be done. We fill our schedules with "busy" thinking the more we do, the more value we have. We over-serve others and neglect our own self care. Or, on the flip side, we counter this with hyper-independence and self-centered thought without partaking in the joy of serving others.

Truth is, you haven't lost your sparkle because it exists within your own soul. You might have misplaced it, let others dim it, or disconnected from it through life experiences... but you haven't lost it.

Here's a simple idea of how to reconnect with it if you're ready to get your sparkle back. Write a list of the things that bring you joy, big and small. Write down those little glimmer moments that remind you of your sparkle, like the way the sun shines through the trees or the taste of your favorite recipe your grandmother made for you as a kid. Keep adding to your list and then make a point to enjoy these things! If you're feeling disconnected from your spirit, ask yourself how many items on your list you've partaken in recently. Then amp it up!

a notebook with a pen sketch of a calla lily and a list entitled "My Joy is Found in:"

Looking for resources of support in returning to your sparkly self? Visit for services, classes, and an Etsy shop created to do exactly that. I can't wait to see you shine!

Love & Healing,

Ashley Kay



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