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Wading Through the "New You" Hullabaloo

It's nearly the end of the year... synonymous for the season of bombardment from advertisements telling you it's time for the "New You". Photos showing dramatic weight loss and success stories driving their shiny supercars make their way into your feeds, everyone claiming to have exactly what you need to be happy.

And in a way, I get it. There's something about that excitement of feeling the New Year energy and blank slates feel good. We all want to find refreshing ways to live WELL.

Problem is, we've been doing it backwards.

We place major importance and resources on that which someday will be no longer and minor focus on the depths of who you truly are... soul level healing and rising into all you're here to be. We spend hundreds, thousands on maintaining the physical tool our soul inhabits, our body. We spend countless hours, days, years sharpening our minds. If we chose instead to address our soul... our spirit... the very essence of who we are, the other pieces of our human self come along with it.

Making physical changes can be life-changing. Taking care of your mental health matters tremendously. But how those two components are doing are often secondary to what's going on deep within. So you've put on a few pounds that don't feel good to wear or you've noticed that anxiety and depression cycle creep back again. Perhaps you've hit a slump in an area of your personal life or are feeling downright unfulfilled in your professional.

The "Before and After"pictures may seem appealing, but instead of being lured by the surface level changes that are often short-lived, we can give our time and energy toward something lasting. Who else has signed up for a new gym membership or classes as a part of this new year excitement only to stop going after a few weeks. When we put the healing and rediscovery of our SOUL first and foremost, the body and mind come along for the ride.

The most effective way of removing the blockages keeping you from moving forward or simply feeling GOOD where you are is by healing the depths. This consists of past wounds, trauma, and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. The parts we often avoid because they're uncomfortable... but then keep seeing the same cycles repeat again and again in our lives.

Think of it this way...

Imagine you were a plant that wasn't growing as full as it could, maybe dropping leaves a bit or wilting a little. Would we just keep pruning up the surface of it, polishing the leaves that remain and crossing fingers that you grow? Or would we explore below the soil, looking to solve the "root" of the issue? Perhaps you:

  • Are rootbound and need a bigger pot- are stifled in your current environment, and need a community that supports your growth

  • Need a smaller pot, as the moisture and nutrient balance is not ideal- have a community to reside within but nobody seems to understand your unique needs

  • Aren't getting enough water- are not receiving the nourishment and resources that your soul needs to grow

  • Are getting too much water- are receiving such an abundance of information, and perhaps continuing to seek more without being able to fully soak it in and apply it to your life

  • Have a bug/fungus depleting your health without proper protection- are being sucked of your energy due to an "energy vampire" and your lack of firm and healthy boundaries

If you found yourself nodding along as you read this, or feeling a mental, "Yes, sister! This sounds like my life." or can visualize yourself as one of these houseplants, stay tuned. I've got an announcement coming to share exactly what your spirit just perked up about.

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