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What is Energy Healing?

"Ok, but what is it you DO exactly?"

I smiled, knowing the concept of energy healing can feel foreign to those unfamiliar with this ancient holistic healing modality. After all, only a handful of years ago and I wondered the same. What does "energy healing" mean and how does it actually work?

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration"- Nikola Tesla

Our energy field is an electromagnetic field that extends beyond our physical body, sometimes referred to as your aura. We all have one. You know how you can feel an intense vibration, almost like an electric buzzing when you connect deeply with someone? Or how you can pick up on a person's demeanor or mood before even talking to them? This is because we connect through energy first and foremost... the words or physical contact come second.

There are three components that make up the "you" that is existing on this earth. These three parts come together to create the amazing human reading this right now. The thing about this triad of being, is that many of us have a lack of awareness as to the third. Here are those three components:

Your Body

Your physical body is made up of the organs, tissues, and cells that come together to create it. Everywhere you look, you're reminded to take care of your physical body. From your watch encouraging you to get enough movement, to the gym ad you saw near the grocery store when you were en route to pick out healthier food choices, you're constantly having your attention brought to your body. You buy products to put on the outside of your body, the inside of your body, and do activities specifically to keep it well.

Your Mind

Your mind is what is in charge of operating your body, and making decisions. You are able to have thoughts, create behaviors, and experience feelings through your mind. By strengthening your mind, you open yourself to entirely new capabilities and understandings of the world around you. You read books and explore new ideas in order to expand your mind.

Your Spirit/Energy

In religion, you may hear the term spirit. In science, energy. In casual conversation with a friend you may refer to it as a "vibe". Your spirit, or energy, is the expression of interconnectedness with your Higher Self and your Higher Power. Whether this feels to be a belief in God, the Universe, or simply the awareness that there is a greater and mysterious force at work in our world, you are a part of something bigger. This is the component that is most often overlooked, yet profoundly impacts our overall well-being.

And that's where energy healing comes in! Energy healing acts on the awareness that there is a universal life force flowing through the human body. A practitioner channels this energy, removing energetic blockages for the patient to experience greater holistic wellness. This healing is spiritual in nature but transcends the limitations of any particular religion or belief system. There are several different modalities of energy healing, from reiki and yoga to intuitive healing and acupuncture.

Because these components are so closely intertwined, energy healing positively affects physical and mental/emotional well-being. I've had the honor of witnessing physical pain diminish and severe anxiety and stress relieved. I've watched as women felt a sense of peace over what had been plaguing their mind for weeks, and have seen chronic pain fade away. Overall, clients report feeling "lighter", less stressed, and lower pain levels with more clarity and confidence as to their life's path. And who couldn't use a little more of that?

Have you ever tried energy healing? Let's hear about your experience below!



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